2019 Run for the Turkeys will Benefit Say Yes Guilford

Run for the Turkeys! Run for Say Yes Guilford!

November 1, 2019 — Say Yes Guilford is dedicated to providing access to support services and scholarships designed to prepare Guilford County Schools’ students for success in college, career, and life…students like Neikya Slade.

“I wanted to help people: a doctor, a firefighter a social worker,” Neikya recalls of her childhood. She remembers standing by her grandmother’s side volunteering, giving back to her hometown. “Learning about the social work program (at N.C. A&T), I knew I wanted to be a social worker.” Neikya worked hard in school, graduating from the Middle College at Bennett in 2016, dreaming of a college degree and the career path that provided.

Neikya worried her dreams would be just that…dreams. A college education and degree seemed out of reach. “My mom and dad didn’t go to college; I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to go to college because of finances. I didn’t want my grandmother to have to work extra hours, long hours to pay for tuition.”

But her grandmother wasn’t going to let Neikya give up on her goals. “She kind of pushed me, told me not to let other people’s struggles affect my goals. If there’s a will there’s a way.”

The way was Say Yes Guilford. “Initially I was like, there’s no way that they’re just going to pay for me to go to college, so when I filled my application and then saw that my balance had been paid for, I was so excited.” Thanks to federal aid and a Say Yes grant, her tuition and many of her expenses were covered.

That was 2016; three years later Neikya is an NC A&T graduate. She is working on her master’s degree, bought a house and is getting married. “I’m really happy. I’m right here. I can touch it. I can feel the changes that I’m going to be making in other people’s lives.”

Neikya Slade, Say Yes Scholar & 2019 NC A&T Graduate

Say Yes Guilford is proud to partner with the 2019 Run for the Turkeys. A portion of the race proceeds will go directly to services and scholarships for GCS students.

When you Run for the Turkeys, you run for Neikya and thousands of Guilford County Schools students like her.  Students in every GCS school. Students from every background. Students with big dreams. Run for the Turkeys and run for Say Yes Guilford.

When you use the promo code SAYYES, you save $5, and $5 goes to Say Yes Guilford. Register here!

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