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Say Yes Guilford strives to help students realize the possibilities of higher education. With services for elementary, middle, high schoolers Say Yes works to ensure students have the opportunity to secure scholarship dollars toward a college degree or certificate. We believe every GCS student can become a successful member of the workforce. 


Say Yes Guilford believes every student has the potential to succeed, so equality drives our scholarship distribution process. We offer scholarships to every North Carolina public college and university including community colleges, and more than 100 private institutions around the country.

Register for Scholarships

Registration is open from October 1 through June 1 for Guilford County Schools’ (GCS) seniors and graduates. Say Yes Scholarships provide last-dollar tuition assistance to qualifying GCS graduates. Learn More.

Do You Have Questions?

If you have scholarship questions, check out the  Say Yes Scholarship FAQ. If you don’t find the answers you need there, get in touch — the Say Yes staff is happy to help!

(336) 814-2233

Complete the FAFSA

The FAFSA is theFree Application for Federal Student Aid. Say Yes scholarship awards will be based on information reported on a student’s FAFSA.

A World of Choices

Say Yes offers scholarships to every North Carolina public college and university including community colleges, and more than 100 private institutions around the country.

Classroom-to-Career Success

Say Yes Guilford is dedicated to offering equitable supports that actively engage differences and work to eliminate barriers to opportunity. Our Classroom-to-Career Success services support students at every age and educational stage.

Elementary Supports

Reading is the foundation for learning. In kindergarten through third grade, children are learning to read; after third grade, students read to learn. In fact third grade reading proficiency is one of the most important predictors for graduating high school. Say Yes Guilford is committed to increasing the number of students reading at grade level. We join Guilford County Schools in working to increase the percentage of students who read proficiently by the end of third grade to 54% (currently at 51.4%) by 2022.


Helping Early Learners with Practice Strategies (HELPS) is an evidenced based program designed to improve student’s reading fluency, a key factor in increasing the percentage of students who meet proficiency standards as “College and Career Ready” by the end of 3rd grade.

Community Virtual Tutoring

Say Yes Guilford coordinates a virtual tutoring program for kindergarten through 8th graders. Federal Work Study Students, Community Volunteers, and Guilford County Schools’ Service-Learning Students work one-on-one with students up to two hours a week. Tutors offer elementary support through the HELPS program, middle school learning sessions with professional tutors, and volunteers offer general subject tutoring and homework help for students K-8.

Needs-Based Grants

Say Yes Guilford funds school grants supporting emergency basic needs and supplemental funding for class learning experiences. The fund was established to offer families emergency assistance, and to ensure students are not excluded from an activity directly related to academic achievement.

Say Yes Guilford Holiday Book Giveaway

This annual program is focused on literacy and creating a lifetime love for reading. Say Yes Guilford provides close to 8,000 books to each of its partner elementary schools and community-based organization sites.

Community Extended Learning Hubs

Say Yes Guilford is partnering with GCS and the Parks and Recreation Divisions of High Point and Greensboro to create the learning hubs. The sites provide in-person tutoring for students to prevent further learning loss.

Say Yes Guilford Navigators

Navigators are staff members who work collaboratively with Guilford County Schools and community site-based organizations to facilitate multiple service needs and assist in addressing supports needed by students and families.

Middle School Supports

Say Yes Guilford also supports middle school students with the Community Virtual Tutoring Program and Community Extended Learning Hubs, and expands services to include preparation for high school and beyond. Our staff and volunteers work to expose students in middle grades to opportunities related to college attainment and a variety of careers.

CFNC Student Career Assessment

Students create an account through the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) giving them access to multiple resources. These tools start a student thinking about college and career in middle school. Students can use the career interest survey to learn about themselves and the many opportunities that exist for them.

Financial Literacy:
SECU Mad Money

This program is derived from the high school program but made a bit simpler for middle school students to follow. The State Employees Credit Union Mad Money Program focuses on the importance of creating a savings plan, budgeting, and maintaining good credit and understanding opportunities available with higher education and career training.

Career and Technical Education Access

Once middle schoolers complete the career assessments, Say Yes Guilford can offer students access to supports and resources that help them make decisions about high school. Career fairs, college tours, industry exploration at certificate program sites and more are provided to help students see the opportunities available to them.

Summer Night Lights

In collaboration with the City of Greensboro Say Yes Guilford offers free summertime events and activities for Guilford County teens ages 13-18. The evening opportunities offer structured and engaging activities for area teenagers during summer break.

High School Supports

Say Yes Guilford serves all 28 high schools across the Guilford County Schools’ district with supports that help GCS students who are college-bound become college ready. Services focus on providing students tools to graduate and go on to a career or college. Say Yes will continue to offer and add additional supports that are directly connected to the GCS strategic goal of increasing the percentage of graduating seniors who complete a rigorous career pathway to 35% by 2022 and increasing the percentage of students graduating college-ready.

One-on-One Postsecondary Consultations

Equipping students and parents with relevant workforce and postsecondary information is Say Yes Guilford’s specialty. From exploring career options and FAFSA completion, to test scheduling and college application preparation, Say Yes Guilford professionals work with families and students to address their individual needs. We are dedicated to eliminating finance as a barrier to higher education by comparing financial aid packages and helping families identify and apply for various sources of financial aid.

College Planning Series

Say Yes Guilford collaborates with Guilford County Schools and organizations across the community and state to offer students and families regular workshops addressing FAFSA completion, financial aid understanding, and tips for completing college and scholarship applications.

Financial Literacy:
SECU Reality of Money

The State Employees Credit Union Reality of Money Program focuses on the importance of creating savings plan, budgeting, and maintaining good credit and understanding opportunities available with higher education and career training.

Free SAT/ACT Prep Classes

Say Yes Guilford provides students access strategies needed to excel on standardized tests. Data shows that students who enroll in preparatory classes score, on average, 56 points higher on their exams than their peers who did not take the class. The extra points may make the difference in access to a student’s top choice of higher educational institution and may positively impact that student’s aid and scholarships.

Say Yes to College Series

Say Yes Guilford college access professionals collaborate with collegiate professionals around the state to offer college-bound seniors advice on getting ready for college. Students will learn how to budget, organize their study time and prepare for the social and emotional changes they will face in college.

FAFSA Workshops

These regular workshops are designed to assist students and parents with completing their Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Say Yes professionals help families complete additional state-specific documents to receive the greatest amount of available financial aid.

Experiential Learning

The best way to help students gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through experiential learning. Say Yes supports the creation of global education programs that blend classroom, digital, and hands-on learning for students.

Higher Education Supports

Say Yes Guilford is committed to helping college students stay on track to a certificate or degree. We offer continued connection and support so students have more success in college and are advancing their career opportunities.

Say Yes Scholar College Mentors

Say Yes Guilford regularly convenes scholar panels to offer perspective and tips on navigating college life, time management, study skills, major selection, campus involvement opportunities and much more.

Maximizing Opportunities

Say Yes Guilford professionals counsel scholars and offer tools empowering them to effectively utilize available campus and community resources and apply their certificate attainment to the workforce.

Community Supports

Say Yes Guilford knows that our community plays a vital role in student success. Our partners support students and families, so that college and successful careers are more than dreams, they are glimpses of the future.

Legal Assistance

Say Yes Guilford understands many parents need access to free legal advice on non-criminal matters, so they can resolve issues before they disrupt a student’s learning. In partnership with Legal Aid of NC, free legal clinics offer a space to gather legal information. Families often need help with housing, immigration, bankruptcy, child custody, child support, divorce, eviction, government benefits, among other legal matters.

Say Yes Guilford is committed to Classroom-to-Career Success, and preparing Guilford County for a future which demands an educated workforce. We join community organizations in removing barriers and providing supports to ensure 60% of our workforce has a degree or certificate by 2030.

Financial Literacy

Say Yes Guilford offers a three-part series on financial literacy focusing on simple budgeting, financial planning, saving for college, insurance and other frequent concerns. These courses offer parents and guardians support and access to advocacy measures to help them start to think about financial advancement.

Community Gardens

Say Yes Guilford is building community gardens to address some of the issues food insecurity creates for our communities. The gardens were also a community asset during the pandemic when food resources became even more critical.


Say Yes Guilford is here to connect students and families with resources so they can make good decisions about how to finance post-secondary education. Guilford Parent Academy will host a series of workshops that will answer parent questions and help with completing financial aid forms and scholarship applications.

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Help with the FAFSA

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Douglas McCollum

“To be able have that scholarship, and not to have to worry about a meal plan or how I was going to pay for books or tuition meant a whole lot to me and my family as well.”

Douglas McCollum,
High Point University Class of 2020

Holiday Book Giveaway

2019 Say Yes Guilford Holiday Book Giveaway

Say Yes Guilford delivered more than 3,300 books to GCS Elementary Schools as part of the Holiday Book Giveaway.