Say Yes Guilford Postsecondary Planning System

A system designed to connect students, and their families, to programs and services that can aid them on their path to high school and post-high school success.

About the Postsecondary Planning System, “Launch Sites” and Survey

Say Yes Guilford is partnering with Guilford County Schools (GCS) to create a process designed to connect students and families to programs and services that can aid them on their path to high school graduation. The process is part of Say Yes Guilford’s Postsecondary Planning System.

GCS selected 12 schools, an elementary, middle and high school in each of GCS’ four regions to launch the program. The launch schools include:

  • Northern Region: Northern Elementary, Northern Middle and Northern High
  • Central Region: Wiley Elementary, Jackson Middle, Smith High
  • Western Region: Fairview Elementary, Ferndale Middle, High Point Central High
  • Southeastern Region: McLeansville Elementary, Eastern Middle, Eastern High

These 12 schools represent the start of a support system designed to work for the benefit of Guilford County Schools students from kindergarten through 12th grade. These support services are created to help prepare our community’s students for post high school graduation success thanks to a system that provides services along a K-12 ‘pathway’ that prepares them for their future.

System Surveys

Parents of students in each of the 12 schools will be asked to complete a voluntary survey and students in grades 5-12 and teachers of students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade are also asked to complete surveys.

Click Here to Take the Say Yes Survey
Click Here for Instructions on How to Complete the Survey

The data from those surveys will be aligned with student performance data already tracked by Guilford County Schools and the process will eventually connect students with services needed to help them achieve success inside and outside the classroom. The services, which are expected to be available to students in the fall of 2017, could include those already offered via a community organization or those developed to respond to a critical need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean to be a launch site?
A launch site is one of 12 schools chosen by Guilford County Schools to help launch the Say Yes Guilford Postsecondary Planning System. The 12 schools are from each of the four GCS regions.

2. How was my school chosen as a launch site?
Guilford County Schools’ administrators selected the 12 schools by choosing an
elementary, middle and high school in each of the four regions. The schools were also selected based on their “feeder pattern,” meaning that in most cases students who attended the selected elementary school then went to the middle school and then the high school within that region.

3. I understand there are surveys involved?
Parents, students and teachers in most schools will be asked to take a voluntary survey to assess students’ physical well-being and social and emotional development. The idea is to combine the data gathered through the surveys with student performance data already recorded by Guilford County Schools. Each parent should take one survey for every student they have in Guilford County Schools.

4. Who created the surveys?
The surveys were developed by Johns Hopkins University and the American Institute of Research with review and input provided by local community members and GCS staff.

5. When will the surveys be available?
Surveys can be accessed online at http://sayyespsps.com.

6. Why are the surveys important?
There are hundreds of service providers in the Guilford County community that could offer services and programs that are helpful to students and their families. Through the surveys, GCS and Say Yes will be able to determine if a student or their family needs support in a particular area (examples, mental health, food services, legal aid, reading or math tutoring, etc.). Without a completed survey, it is difficult to fully assess the needs that a family or student may have and align them with services that could help.

7. How will survey results be used?
Survey results will be combined with academic performance, attendance and disciplinary data compiled by Guilford County Schools and entered into the Say Yes Guilford Postsecondary Planning System. The System will use the results of the surveys and other data to create an Individual Student Growth Plan. That plan will eventually link students and families to services that can help them find success inside and outside the classroom, in college and in their career.

8. Will parents have access to the Individual Student Growth Plan for their student(s)?
Yes, parents can obtain a copy of their student(s) growth plan.

9. Who will have access to my survey responses?
Student and family privacy is of the utmost importance to GCS and Say Yes Guilford. Survey responses will not accessible by anyone at the individual schools. Individual survey responses will remain confidential.

10. What types of services will my student receive?
The services provided to individual students and schools will be determined by that student or school’s individual needs. Say Yes’ database of service providers ranges from health care providers to tutoring services to nonprofits that offer food and clothing.

11. When will services be available?
Through surveys, students are aligned with services needed to help them achieve
success inside and outside the classroom. The services could include those already offered through a community organization or those developed to respond to a critical need. It is important to note that because we are a launch site, it will take time before services are available. The first step is taking the survey, and making sure the database works. Only then will we be able to start connecting students and services.

12. Will there be additional GCS schools involved in the support system?
Say Yes Guilford and GCS will review the results of the 12 launch schools to determine the next steps in increasing the number of schools participating in the programs. The goal is to connect students and services in all GCS schools in the future.

13. How do I determine my student’s identification (ID) number?
Your student’s identification number is the same as his or her lunch number. If you are unsure of your student’s number, please check with the main office at his or her school.

14. Will there be Say Yes staff members in the launch schools?
Yes, Say Yes Guilford is in process of hiring a site facilitator for each of the 12 launch schools. The site facilitator will work with the student support teams in each school, including the counselors, social workers, etc., to help align services for students and families. Site facilitators are expected to be in the schools by the end of the 2016-17 school year.

15. Who can I call if I have additional questions?
Contact your school or Say Yes Guilford at 336-814-2233 or email the organization at guilford@sayyestoeducation.org.

What Are Wraparound Services?

Wraparound services are designed to provide support to students and families to help them be successful inside and outside the classroom. The services can be provided in academic ways, through tutoring or extended learning programs, or can be provided in non-academic ways, through mental, physical or emotional health support.

Say Yes Guilford is currently working to launch the services in 12 schools where the Postsecondary Planning System is being implemented. Services are expected to begin implementation during the 2017-18 school year.

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