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HPU “Signing Day” for Say Yes Guilford Students

High Point, NC — Five Triad high school students were joined with their families at High Point University today for a signing-day ceremony to celebrate their commitment to continuing academic success.

HPU awards five Say Yes Scholarships annually, all of which were presented to Guilford County Schools graduating seniors. This year, three recipients are First Generation Scholars. This year’s recipients are:

Lucero Ruiz-DeLeon — The Middle College at UNCG
Tyrease McBride — T. Wingate Andrews High School
Lisbeth Ramirez — High Point Central High School
Lauren Riley — High Point Central High School
Shamar VanHook — Dudley High School

Guilford County commissioners, representatives for Say Yes Guilford, Guilford County Schools staff members and community members filled the event today to celebrate the achievements of these soon-to-be high school graduates and freshmen at HPU.

“Today is a day that we are honoring perseverance,” said the Rev. Dr. Joe Blosser, Robert G. Culp director of service learning at HPU. “We are honoring people today who have had faith in the face of adversity. People who have pushed onward when others have given up. When these five amazing young people showed up to their Say Yes/First Generation Scholarship interview, they were banging on the door, and if we didn’t answer, they were going to knock it down because every single one of them knew that HPU was the place they needed to be.”

In addition to joining a university focused on academic and professional excellence, the Say Yes Scholarship recipients are also enrolled in HPU’s Bonner Leader program. The national program funds students to serve as volunteer coordinators at local nonprofit organizations. In these roles, students are able to strengthen the High Point community while also gaining valuable skills.

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