About Us

Say Yes was founded in 1987 by money manager George Weiss, who promised to prepare 112 Philadelphia sixth graders for college, and to pay their college tuition if they graduated high school. Say Yes now helps entire communities make a similar commitment to every public high school student. Say Yes Guilford was launched in September 2015. In this section:

Our Story

Four leading groups in Guilford County recognized the potential for having Say Yes to Education locally — and set out to pursue a dream. That dream became reality within two years — and, as a result, will change lives for generations to come! Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

How Guilford County Said Yes to Education

Representatives of Guilford Education Alliance, The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, High Point Community Foundation and Guilford County Schools came together to explore the possibility of bring Say Yes to Education to our community. They quickly recognized the tremendous potential of a local Say Yes program — not only for students in the Guilford County Schools system, but for the long-term future of Guilford County, as well. Once Say Yes to Education and Guilford County got to know one another better, this became a robust, organic and community-wide undertaking, involving volunteers from all corners of Guilford and one of the most successful fundraising efforts in the county’s history. Generous supporters throughout Guilford also recognized the potential of Say Yes, and quickly pledged their financial commitments. By the time Say Yes Guilford offically launched on September 17, 2015, nearly half of the funds needed to fully support the endowment — $70 million — had already been raised!

Say Yes National

Say Yes to Education is a nonprofit that revitalizes communities by helping them give every public high school graduate access to college or other post-secondary scholarships. Say Yes community partnerships also make available supports and services to develop the gifts and talents of each child. Visit our national site for more information on the entire Say Yes to Education community

Our Team

Staff Team

Wendy Poteat

Wendy Poteat joined Say Yes Guilford as CEO in June 2019 bringing her vast experience working with schools and community back to Guilford County.

Brandi Kennedy

Brandi Kennedy is the Assistant Director of Student Outreach & Retention for Say Yes Guilford.

Amanda Rosemann

Amanda Rosemann is Senior Vice President of Development and Community Relations

Warché K. Downing

Warché K. Downing is the Director of Postsecondary Access & Success for Say Yes Guilford.

TaJuana Robinson

TaJuana Robinson is Say Yes Guilford’s Executive Assistant and Officer Manager.

Board of Directors

A local board comprised of talented education experts will help shape guidelines on Say Yes Guilford Scholarships. This group will ensure that we maximize the potential of our program and provide the best opportunities possible for our graduates.

Ann Busby,
Chair, High Point Community Foundation

Dr. Nora Carr,
Chief of Staff, Guilford County Schools

Deon Clark,
Pastor, Equation Church

Anthony Clarke,
President, Guilford Technical Community College

Dr. Sharon Contreras,
Superintendent, Guilford County Schools

Larry Czarda,
President, Greensboro College

Alan Duncan,
Former Chair, Guilford County Board of Education

Kevin Gray,
President, Weaver Foundation

Clarence Grier,
Deputy County Manager, Guilford County

The Reverend Dr. Kia Hood-Scott,
Union Baptist Church

William Laney,
Financial Advisor, Pinnacle Bank

Paul Lessard,
President, High Point Community Foundation

Lolita Malave,
Allen Tate Realtor Sales Manager, Branch Leader**

David S. Miller,
Past Chair, High Point Community Foundation*

Mindy Oakley,
Executive Director, Edward M. Armfield Foundation

Mildred O. Poole,
Community Volunteer and First Donor to Say Yes Guilford

Robert Pompey,
NC A&T Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance

Wendy Poteat,
Say Yes Guilford Chief Executive Officer**

Walker Sanders,
President, Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro

Todd Warren,
President, Guilford County Association of Educators

*Chair of the board

**Vice Chair of the board
***President of the board