The tips below will help you perfect your elevator speech. Write down one sentence for each of these points:

  • Smile to your counterpart and open with a statement that grabs attention, a hook that prompts your listener to ask questions.
  • Tell who you are; describe you or your company or what school you attend.
  • Tell what you do or share your major, and show enthusiasm.
  • Share the problems you have solved or contributions you have made.
  • Offer a vivid example.
  • Share why you are interested in your listener.
  • Tell what special service, product or solutions you can offer him or her.
  • Define the advantages of working with you.
  • Givea concrete example or tell a short story. Show your uniqueness and provide illustrations on how you work.
  • Define next steps: request a meeting, offer to reach out via email, etc.

Notice the action words that begin each tip above. Remember these as you create your speech. Practice with a friend or mentor, so you’ll be ready. You’ve got this!

Print a copy of these tips: Elevator Speech SYG