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Tutors Needed

Say Yes Guilford is partnering with the HELPS Education Fund to provide access to one-on-one evidence-based literacy tutoring in our partner elementary schools for students in second through the 5th grade. The Helping Early Literacy with Practice Strategies (HELPS) Program integrates easy-to-use instructional strategies that are specifically designed to improve students’ reading fluency. Tutors will implement one 10-12 minute HELPS session, three days per week. All sessions will be conducted virtually, via Zoom, allowing you to log in from anywhere with access to reliable internet. All tutors will be managed, coordinated, and scheduled through Say Yes Guilford, and the HELPS Education Fund will train all prospective tutors in a two-part, hands-on training. 

Volunteer as a Community Tutor

Can you spare a couple of hours a week to help a Guilford County Schools’ student in reading, math, science or social studies? Sign up as a tutor in our nationally recognized program. All tutoring sessions will take place virtually.

Guilford County Schools and Say Yes Guilford Partner to Bring more CTE Opportunities to Middle Schoolers

Exposing Guilford County Schools’ middle school students to more possibilities when it comes to their future is the driving force behind several new initiatives from Say Yes Guilford and GCS.


Destiny Mathis: Say Yes Guilford Scholar

Destiny Mathis didn’t expect to be a writer. As an elementary student, she didn’t even like to read stories. “Ms. Pierre at Welborn helped me enjoy reading. She gave us writing assignments, and I learned I liked writing,”

Alumni For Education

“I can’t stand when a coach on the sideline calls me out saying something like ‘she doesn’t know what she is talking about’ I get really upset because no one should be told that they don’t know how or can’t do something based on their gender.”

Say Yes Guilford: Kindergarten to Career

Say Yes Guilford is committed to Guilford County Schools’ student success from kindergarten, to college, to career. For our youngest students, Say Yes offers in-person and virtual tutoring in reading. Our middle schoolers are beginning to think about their future, and Say Yes helps them explore careers. And our high schoolers are preparing for independence, so Say Yes offers college exam prep, scholarship and financial aid assistance, and career counseling. We’re lifting up students; we’re growing Guilford County’s workforce.

Say Yes Guilford

Say Yes Guilford is a local education non-profit organization committed to providing access to support services and scholarships designed to prepare Guilford County Schools’ students for success in college, career, and life. Our staff, volunteers and partners are dedicated to kindergarten to career success. We use an equity-based model to provide evidenced-based, impactful, and consistent services making sure students who need the most are offered the most support from elementary school through high school and college.

Register for

Say Yes Guilford Scholarships

Say Yes Guilford provides last-dollar tuition scholarship to eligible Guilford County Schools graduates. Since 2016 Say Yes has supported graduates from every GCS high school with millions of scholarships dollars. Seniors can register October 1 through June 1.

Say Yes Wifi Hotspot Locations

Say Yes Guilford is committed to supporting Guilford County Schools students working remotely. Dozens of Guilford County schools, libraries, parks, businesses and neighborhoods have Wi-Fi hotspots; and Say Yes Guilford has compiled a list, so families can find a location close to them.

View wifi locations and resources for:

Kindergarten to Career Success is Happening in Guilford County.

In 2020-21…


88% of the 2019-20 freshman class of Say Yes Guilford scholars continued their education in the 2020-21 academic year, compared to the national average of 76%.


100% of the students participating in the HELPS program said it helped them become a better reader. 94% of those learning in person improved their oral reading fluency.

Say Yes Guilford tutors spent more than 4000 hours working one-on-one with Guilford County Schools’ students over the 2020-21 school year in an effort to combat learning loss experienced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

$36,963,199 Lifetime Say Yes Guilford Scholarship Impact since 2016.

Key Student Deadlines

October 1st

Say Yes Scholarships Opens for High School Seniors

June 1st

Say Yes Scholarship Deadline for graduating Seniors


Say Yes Guilford is committed to providing access to support services and scholarships designed to prepare Guilford County Schools’ students for success in college, career, and life.


Say Yes Guilford…


is committed to maximizing collaboration across community partners to serve all Guilford County students.


is dedicated to offering equitable supports that actively engage difference and work to eliminate barriers to opportunity.


believes every student has the potential to succeed, so equality drives our scholarship distribution process.


advocates for educational opportunities that will improve upward mobility from classroom to career.


thinks strategically to maximize impact for students and our community.

Students and Parents

Say Yes Guilford collaborates with Guilford County Schools, local organizations, businesses and foundations on a comprehensive Kindergarten to Career Success service continuum. Tutoring, career exploration and college access are a few of the many supports in place for students and their families.

Make a Donation to Say Yes Guilford

As a non-profit organization founded to support Guilford County Schools’ students on their path to a successful career, Say Yes Guilford depends on the community for funding.

We continue working to reach our $70 million endowment goal which will support GCS graduates on their higher education journey for generations to come. Individuals, families, businesses and foundations can support Say Yes Guilford through a gift to the scholarship endowment or by giving financial support to the many ongoing Kindergarten to Career programs and services Say Yes Guilford offers.