You've enrolled in college, now what?

Say Yes Guilford – Summer 2017 Update

Confirming Your Enrollment:
As a first step in processing Say Yes Guilford scholarship funding, Say Yes has to confirm enrollment with the college where a student plans to attend. As of July 12, 2017, all rosters have been sent to our partner institutions. Students who indicated their school choice in the Say Yes Portal on or after July 12 will not be on the initial roster the college receives. However, Say Yes Guilford will be continually sending updated lists to the schools.

Making the Say Yes Scholarship Calculation:
Once the school returns the necessary information, calculations are made and Say Yes Guilford provides funding directly to the college or university starting in September (funding goes directly to the institution, not the student or guardian).

Placing a “Hold” on Student Accounts:
Once we calculate the Say Yes award for tuition we ask schools to place holds on student accounts. Some university policies allow them to place those holds and some do not. In situations where holds are not placed, the parent or guardian may be asked to make the payment and then will be reimbursed through the school once the Say Yes payment is processed. We always ask that parents or students check with the respective school and get an understanding of their policies.

Say Yes scholars, please make sure the FAFSA is complete and that you have completed any additional paper the institution where you plan to attend may require.

If a student has an incomplete FAFSA or has not completed verification through the Say Yes Portal, Say Yes cannot process an award.

Say Yes students must register for a full time course load (at least 12 credit hours)

Continuing students:
If a student does not complete a full time course load or does not maintain a 2.0 semester GPA, the student will be on probation with Say Yes for the following semester. While on probation, the student will receive funding, but must meet all eligibility requirements in order to receive funding for the following semester. If there are two consecutive semesters below a 2.0 GPA or not completing 12 credits, there will be no Say Yes award.

If you lose financial aid eligibility, you will also lose Say Yes funding.

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