Say Yes Guilford Scholarship Information

This page provides information regarding the 2017-18 Say Yes Guilford tuition-only scholarship.

Say Yes Guilford Scholarship Policies

The Say Yes Guilford Scholarship Board has announced adjustments to the criteria for eligibility for 2017-18 Say Yes scholarships for Guilford County students. The adjustments are designed to bring the total dollar amount of college scholarships awarded to Guilford County Schools high school graduates in line with anticipated fundraising, and to assure that scholarship awards give priority to students and families most in need.

Under the adjusted model to be in effect for the 2017-18 academic year, income thresholds will be put in place for different levels of tuition scholarship to public two-year and four-year institutions in North Carolina, and there will be strengthened criteria requiring continuous enrollment in Guilford County Schools. The terms for financial aid awards to students enrolling in private colleges and universities in the national Say Yes Higher Education Compact remain unchanged for the coming school year.

The 2017-18 Say Yes Guilford Scholarship policy:

  • Eligible students with an annual family income of $40,000 or less will receive 100 percent of the remaining tuition amount, after Pell, state and institutional aid are applied, if they have been continuously enrolled in Guilford County Schools since ninth grade.
  • Eligible students who receive the maximum award through the Federal Pell Grant program will receive a $350 Opportunity Scholarship from the Say Yes Guilford Scholarship Fund.
  • Eligible students with an annual family income of $40,001-$75,000 will receive up to $4,500 in tuition assistance toward the remaining tuition amount, after Pell, state and institutional aid are applied, if they have been continuously enrolled in Guilford County Schools since sixth grade.
  • Eligible students with an annual family income of $75,001-$100,000 will receive up to $2,250 in tuition assistance toward the remaining tuition amount, after Pell, state and institutional aid are applied if they have been continuously enrolled in Guilford County Schools since fourth grade.
  • Students with an annual family income of more than $100,000 are not eligible for Say Yes scholarships to North Carolina public universities or two year colleges.
  • This policy will be in effect for all Say Yes Guilford scholars for the 2017-18 college year.

In 2017-18, there is no change to the Say Yes Higher Education Compact partnership program with over 80 private universities across the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the scholarship program take into account multiple children in the family or multiple students in school?
No, Say Yes Guilford does not take that into consideration. Instead, the number of students/family members is captured in the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) via the completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is a required document to be eligible to receive Say Yes Guilford funding.

How is family income determined?
Family income is based on the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) listed on a family’s tax return and FAFSA.

What year is the family income based on?
The 2017-18 scholarship program is based on 2015 tax returns.

Are the dollar amounts of the tuition for a full year or per semester?
The dollar amounts are for the full year. Say Yes Guilford makes two payments, one for the fall semester and one for the spring semester.

The Say Yes Guilford online portal indicates I am eligible, what does that mean?
Please note the changes were just announced March 30, it will take time for the portal to represent accurate eligibility based on the new scholarship model.

Don’t my taxes pay for Say Yes Guilford scholarships?
Say Yes Guilford and the Say Yes Guilford Scholarship Board are nonprofit entities that are completely privately funded. There are no taxpayer dollars invested locally.

What do current students need to do to continue receiving Say Yes funds?
If a student is continuing at the same school there are no additional steps within the Say Yes Portal, however, they must complete the FAFSA each year, register full time and maintain a 2.0 GPA. The Say Yes Certification Form is a one-time completion in the student’s senior year of high school. We just encourage them to keep their school choice and contact information updated in the Say Yes Portal.

Why I haven’t received my fall 2017 funding?
Payments for the fall semester are still being processed and students in the Guilford County Schools classes of 2016 and 2017 currently enrolled will continue to have their 2017-18 payments submitted. If you believe you are eligible to receive funding and have not yet submitted your Student Aid Report and Financial Aid Award to Say Yes Guilford, please click here for more information.

Say Yes Guilford Requirement Information

Say Yes Registration Form

Say Yes Guilford has opened its online registration form that Guilford County Schools seniors must complete in order to qualify for tuition-only scholarships. The certification form requires students to establish an account with Say Yes Guilford and include guardian, contact, and demographic information. The account will remain active until the student graduates from his or her postsecondary institution.

Click here for instructions on how to complete the form. Click here for the form.

FAFSA Completion

Guilford County Schools seniors who plan to enroll in college in 2017 must complete the FAFSA to be considered eligible for the Say Yes Guilford Scholarship. Students who are in college and received a Say Yes Guilford scholarship must also complete the FAFSA again. Check here for more information about the FAFSA.

What’s Next for Guilford County Schools Seniors?

If you are a member of Guilford County Schools’ class of 2018, click here to get a “Recommended Timeline for Seniors” with information on what you need to do to be ready to register for a Say Yes last-dollar tuition scholarship.

Also, if you are using the common application to apply for college, we’d like you to indicate that you attend a Say Yes-affiliated high school. This helps the college/university where you are applying more easily identify you as a potential Say Yes scholar. Here’s more information.

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